Summary. This particular Dmitri Plotnikov is a computer programmer associated with Google, Fannie Mae, Apache. He was born in the USSR, emigrated to the USA with his family in 1994.

Decades Whizzing Past

Travel, events, musings, politics, tastes, beliefs and whatnot. In short, the stuff that is supposed to be on Google+ (Google+?), or Orkut(?), or Hello(?), on Facebook, Instagram, VK and what have you. Some of it is (or was) in those places. The post are preserved on this website to keep it all in one place, away from digital cataclysms.

Family Photo Albums

In the early 2000's we started a photo blog website. Originally, we would write static HTML pages with Dreamweaver. In 2005 Dmitri developed a proper CMS written in PHP. It supported multiple themes and we were able to change our visual language as our tastes changed. It had features like online WYSIWYG page editing, full internationalization, ratings, comments, security.

Adventures in Software Engineering

A collection of short stories about particularly interesting events in Dmitri's professional life.

Good Behavior Tools

Dmitri and Liza developed two Android apps for kids with the Autism Spectrum Disorder and similar conditions.

Through research and our own experience we found that positive reinforcement using tools like a token reward system and timer-based scheduled activities work best for helping such kids to learn good behaviors. The Easy Kid Tokens app is a lot of fun due to Liza's awesome animations. It has developed a loyal following over the years.

Allied Web

Stanislava Chening

Stanislava Chening is an amazing photographer who specializes in portraiture and still life. Stop by her site to marvel at her photography and/or book a photo session.

Liza Plotnikova

Liza Plotnikova is an established Product Designer guiding product teams on user-centric, design-thinking, problem-solving adventures.

Nikolai Plotnikov

Nikolai Plotnikov is a budding rocker. He can sing, play the guitar, bass, drums, harmonica and trumpet. He attended School of Rock Palo Alto for three years and is now making music at home.

Natasha Plotnikova

Natasha Plotnikova was an admired Russian artist. She was a painter, worked in Theater and Television. She also illustrated several books (one of which, The King's Breakfast, is in English and available for sale).